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The fight of the century didn’t end up what we wanted it to be, for the bill we got at least. We wanted a knockdown drag out classic, where fighters stood in the ring punching each other in the face till their bloody and battered like a game, playing knockout kings. What we got is what we always get, a clinic, from the best –trist in his field. For 99 bucks, give a take your location, we got a boxing lesson on what to do and what not to do. We also got a lesson on our society, all facets of fuckery present in one little pot. Racism, Misogyny, emotional ass women, Greed, Classism, were all present, as well Manny Pacquiao, quiet as a field mouse, in the ring we flocked to and surrounded on this weekend in May. But meanwhile, while we do our best running of the bulls impression, The Pacman and Mayweather did their best circle dance in the square, Floyd the woodpecker chipping off his opponent, slipping the oppositions futile attempts of offense, and laughing at how long it will take us to get to the same point he arrived at long ago. Manny can’t box that well. Pacman is the quintessential prize fighter by any stretch of the imagination. An exciting, marketable, and remarkable fighter. Pacman has skill greater that most in this world, which is why he is where he is, but as far as boxing goes, Manny is not quite of the same stature. You might wonder how there is a difference, but that but Saturday he met an expert, in the field of boxing, and what we saw is the result. One man decisively quicker and smarter dominating the other. One man scared to punch for the fear of consequences. Two men reluctant to leave themselves open, so they closed down harder than a shell. The fight was not so much about running as it was exposing the truth, that Mayweather’s speed intimidates fighters. Cotto said it best, whoever is not scared to march forward, will win the fight. He did not need a pick, because he knew what the fight was going to be. At a certain point, especially so with mobile opponents in any sport, you have to walk down your opponent. You have to cut off the ring, neutralize their ability to use speed, and unload to slow them down. Mayweather is not the first ever mobile moving champion. Ali was an in and out fighter as well, moving around dazzling with footwork, before stepping right back in and knocking you back, down or out. Ali was also a big guy, considerable power with that. And Mayweather got the type of personality that he enjoys a laugh, especially on us. Pacman was revered as the hero, you would have thought he slayed a dragon and saved the girl with the type of love he gets. Pacman is a likable fighter. He has had spectacular knockouts, bloody wars, memorable flurries and highlights and what have you. Very much the active fighter who likes to throw, Pacman was essentially untouchable for years knocking out opponents as he built his legend. Then Marquez finally caught him. Let alone the fact that some fight fans feel Marquez was robbed of two decisions in the first 3 fights, Marquez did not leave it to doubt the last time and we saw Pacman out cold. Pacman knew he could get caught right there. And he never forgot that, all the way thru Saturdays fight. Two champions, the offensive juggernaut vs a defensive mastermind, both great at what they do, here after years of debate to prove who is the best and only one did not do what we expected him to do. He was not the offensive juggernaut we all expected him to be. The defensive mastermind was just that, as masterfully deceptive and elusive as usual, delivering stiff reminders of what happens if you come in my pocket. I will hit you, every time. I don’t miss, you will. And really that’s all there was to the fight. Anything else is just emotions, and were allowed to have those. Truth of the matter is, Mayweather dominated Pacquiao in every way And there’s nothing wrong with that. Somebody had to win and it was the better boxer. The point is not to get hit. Yea we could knockout with style and flash, but if I, in this instance anyway, am winning the fight decisively, why should I force the action? Mayweather would at times, stand in front of Pacquiao, hands down, jawin away and the Pacman would do nothing else besides keep his hands up, bouncing on the soles of his fight, surely smiling behind his gloves because of the check he’s getting after the fight. But at that point were judging things unfairly, worrying about creating our own narratives of what we want to believe instead of simply looking at what’s happening. Prior to the fight, we saw the boxing version of an election going on, with phony commercials for both sides, full on smear campaigns in effect, and deep pockets throwing their two cents behind whoever they identified with. Lines were drawn in the sand for various reasons, with Mayweather being ridiculed for everything else besides being black. And probably for being black. Yea, you could say I’m reaching or being obnoxious for that statement, because it’s easy to do, to dismiss. But there really isn’t any other explanation for elevating one man to deity levels, and putting down another as godless scum. That narrative actually sounds familiar, but all sarcasm aside, we’re truly wrong for that. I, for worrying about another man’s pockets, and us as a collective for hating on another man’s progress. As deplorable a person Mayweather may be in your eyes, he is great at what we do know him for. We don’t have to cheer him on as a saint, but we don’t have to blindly hate on the man either. You are great at what you do, period. You are a business inspiration to your contemporaries, period. You remain undefeated, period. The man just put on a clinic as usual.